Climate Sailor
Climate Sailor

Our Motivation

Humanity faces more challenges today than ever before. The industrialisation, the technolocial progress and the internationalization of economical and social progress have led us to where we are now. Apart from all the benefits from these various progresses we have ignored our actions’ consequences. Now we are facing climate change: Extreme weathers, droughts, desertification, the melting of glaciers as well as the pole caps and the rising sea levels. Altough scientists have warned human kind already years ago, the necessary actions were not taken, to slow down climate change. Now it is on us to decide, how we want to leave the planet to the generations ahead! Now it is on us, every single human being, to become active and change the world before its too late!
Now it is also on YOU and ME to become active!
What's your plan? This is ours:

"I want to call attention to the extent of climate change that happens right here, right now. Far away from Europe and the mass media I want to go on a search for unique life stories. Stories of loss, transformation and the courage to walk into an uncertain future."

Christian Slezak 2019

Our Plan

We want to raise awareness to the fact that climate change has already begun by travelling to the places that are already affected. We want to give climate change a face by filming the affected people and to bring attention to their situation. How? By sailing to these places, carbon emission free. With film equipment and a group of film and scientific colleagues on board. Our aim is to empower the stories of people that are facing climate change. Their fears and hopes, their daily life, their visions, how they cope with climate change and probably a future where their home and country ceased to exist. Where are they supposed to go if life in their country becomes impossible? How do countries and politicians worldwide plan to deal with climate-migration? We want to establish the status as “climate-refugee”. This needs to be implemented in migration laws and all people’s minds.

While telling personal stories about people affected by climate change, we also collaborate with local scientists and organizations in the countries we visit to understand the complex situations and to gain more background information.

This journey it not only a documentary film project, it is also a journey for us, a chance to grow, to learn, to experience and to embrace. We not only bring home films containing climate change issues but stories of loss, courage and success which are attached to our own personal experience and growth.

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Brundtland Report 1987

What we stand for

We believe that a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle is not merely an option but a necessity in order to preserve our planet. We are trying to reduce our carbon emissions, our plastic waste and our use of natural recources as much as we can, not just in our office but also on the sailing boat.

However: This project is not just supporting climate activism but it also creates a lot of carbon emissions. Every time we use our laptop, drive to a meeting, start the engine of the sailing boat or fly somewhere we create carbon emissions. Although we make a great effort of reducing our emissions, it is impossible not to emit anything. We have discussed this a lot and the only solution we see at the moment is to use the carbon emission compensation system and its gold standard.

We hope that by raising awareness about climate change world wide we inspire and encourage many people to change their lifestyle and reduce their individual emissions and that this makes our compensated emissions worthwile.

Please tell my story

Are you affected by climate change? Do you want us to tell your story? We would be honoured. Please write us.
Do you think your country needs to wake up and your story could help people to become active? Do you know people or stories that need to be told? Places we need to visit? Organizations we need to contact? Then please write us! We are very thankful for every piece of information that supports our mission.
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