Supporting a sustainable and eco-friendly venture: Climate Sailor

In order to get this project going we not just need plain money, but also people that are ready to support us in the long run. We need partners we can trust and who live the same values as we do. Are you, your company or organization supporting the fight against climate change? Are you producing sustainable and eco-friendly products you would like to share with us? Perfect, because we need you! In exchange we can offer not just our deepest thankfulness but e.g. media attention, your logo on our sail and much more... Lets talk about it!


Do you think this is a great project and worth your support? Great, then support us! With your help it will be much easier to find more sponsors and supporters!


We need to find a climate friendly non profit organization that incorporates this project as we depend on donations and partners. Why found our own non profit organization when there are so many great ones out there?! Let us work together on this!

Financial Sponsorship

Yes, we need money. Saving the planet and raising awareness about climate change is not cheap but it is worth it! With our audiovisual stories we want to reach and motivate people to change their way of life and your money will help us doing this!

In-Kind Sponsorship

Sailing requires a great load of gear. Filming and creating audiovisual content even more. We need environmental friendly and sustainable products. Are you a producer of such goods? We would be happy to team up with you!

Media Sponsorship

We consume and use media everywhere. Through various media channels and formats you can reach the whole planet and that’s what we would like to do with your help! We not only need media coverage on this project but are always open for advise on how to promote and spread our news and documentaries about climate change through all forms of media.

Promotional Partnership

We know about the impact that social media has on people and this is great, because we need to reach as many people as possible! Are you an influencer, blogger or social media person of some sort? Great lets do take-overs of our channels, share and repost and of course we always have a place on the boat in case you want to get a hands on experience!


We are very happy that we have found these amazing partners:

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