Your chance to become a Climate Sailor

This project has just started and there is a lot to do. Thanks to globalisation our laptop is all we need and we can work from anywhere. There is no need for you to leave the safe mainland in order to support us. Just do it from home!
This journey it not only a documentary film project, it is also a journey for us, a chance to grow, to learn, to experience and to embrace. We not only bring home films containing climate change issues but stories of loss, courage and success which are attached to our own personal experience and growth.
We need climate aware people who understand, that the words "sustainability", "eco-friendly" and "green" are not just a flashy sticker on your washing machine but mean much more to us, the world and human kind. This project is about awareness, mindfulness, responsibility and sustainability. These are the values we live. You too? Then join us!

For the start of this project and because there is sooo much work to do before our boat sets sail, we need volunteers who can help us with the following tasks:

Environmental Scientist

We have researched a lot and we already know quite a bit about climate change, but we could need some scientists to help us find the right perspective and explain the processes to us and our viewers/followers. So if you know what you’re talking about and you’re not shy in front of a camera, give us a call!

Web Design

This website is alright, but it could be much better with your help! Maybe it would even work on smartphones if you’d give it a go!

Graphic Design

Our logo is OK, we created it one night after too many beers, but you can do much better, right? And what about designing nice Shirts for the sailing crew, create a stunning look for social media content and much more?!

Social Media

You are not just on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube all day because do you don’t have a life but you actually know how to work with social media? Great! Then help us to reach more volunteers, sponsors and patrons in order to get this project on the road!

Story Development

In order to film authentic life stories of people affected by climate change, we need to find good protagonists, dig deeper, establish contacts in the various countries we are going to visit, connect to the local climate activist scene etc. Does that sound great to you? Then this is your job!

Research Support

We have researched a lot about climate change and how it affects different parts of the world by now, but there is so much more to find out about the countries we want visit! Help us to become climate experts!


Once we have the right boat, we will need to make some modifications and good craftsmanship is the key. You think you are a good craftsman? Prove it!

Know-How Sharing

Have you been living on a sailing boat? Do you know how to edit a movie in a 3 meter swell? Can you teach us things we do not know about climate change, sustainable sailing, eco-friendly travelling and bio-degradable boat products etc.? Then please do so! We are eager to learn!

Working on board the sailing boat

Living and working on board a sailing boat is not for the faint-hearted! It is cramped, you have little privacy and might need to share a bunk with someone you don't know. You wake up at sunrise, take salt water showers in the rear of the boat with a hose, work on a laptop in the narrow galley or scrub the deck of the ever moving boat. But you also get to know new people and cultures, make friends with locals and crew and watch beautiful sunsets. But most important: You are on the mission of raising awareness for climate change and its global effects. Putting pressure on politics and individuals world wide, to finally become active and supporting climate activists around the globe with your audiovisual stories and reports.

As soon as the boat is ready, we need to fill the following positions on board:


You think you have what it takes to shoot great documentaries in foreign countries under sometimes tough circumstances? Can you research, write scripts, discuss scenes with the editor and cook at once? Well don’t get cocky now! You can cook later. Does that sound great to you (besides the cooking)? Then this is your job!


Do you have great skills as a Director of Photography and a steady hand on an ever moving boat? Always wanted to do a top shot from a mast in the middle of nowhere? Well this is your chance then!

Sound Recordist

Do you hear the grass growing or at least know a lot about sound recording? Always wanted to try recording an interview while puking because of sea sickness? You have found your challenge then!


Do you know how to edit a documentary? Always wanted to edit on a laptop in a narrow gallye that sways in all directions at once? Then show us how interviews and stunning scenery can be edited together!

Social Media/Making of

You are not just on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube all day because do you don’t have a life but you actually know how to work with social media? Great! Then help us to reach more people around the world. With your help and our audio visual content we can make a difference and help people to fight against climate change! Furthermore this is a transparent project so we need to post lots of making of photos, videos and texts so this could be one of your tasks as well.

Scientist/Climate Activist

While we work with local scientists in the countries we visit, it would be great to have one on board as well, explaining in front of the camera what we see and how to understand various situations and predicts. So if you don’t mind a shaky boat, hop on board!


You are an experienced skipper with all the necessary licenses and good in avoiding reefs? Wow! Then we need you on board!


You love sailing boats and know how to sail? Are you able to dowse a sail while yelling a warning for breakers? Ask for permission to come aboard then, seaman!

Note: Most crew members will only stay for one month at a time, as their families or girl/boyfriends are waiting for them at home. So most positions are to be filled again every month! This is your chance to become a Climate Sailor after all!

However if you do not possess any of the skills above, feeling a bit useless and sad now but are still really motivated to support us, then we will find a position for you. So do not hesitate to write us!
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